Magic Fuzzy Pink takes the Fuzzy Navel cocktail to the next level. It’s smooth, tart, sweet and very pretty. High quality pink grapefruit juice is the secret to perfecting the flavor and texture.

1 ounce peach schnapps
1 ounce triple filtered vodka
Pink grapefruit juice, “not from concentrate” is best

Fill a hurricane glass or Collins glass with ice cubes. Add the vodka and peach schnapps to the glass, fill nearly to the top with the pink grapefruit juice. Stir lightly and splash the top with peach schnapps to finish.

Tip: it makes sense to use inexpensive vodka when it’s used to mix drinks. The secret to using inexpensive vodka is to use a brand that is triple filtered. Triple filtered vodka is smoother on the palate and a little easier on the head if celebrating is cause for discomfort.

*Magic: this recipe is exclusive to I Love You Recipes. It is from my personal, unpublished collection.

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