Decent Deals – 62% savings – with Coupons at Fred Meyer and WinCo Foods

Coupon Savings WinCo and Fred Meyer

I prefer to use a coupon with a sale or stack it with a store coupon, but the expiration dates are much shorter than they were a year ago and that doesn’t always work out with the budget. I look for good prices and sales and have learned to throw away coupons without regret.

I thought it might be a good idea to post some WinCo prices that work out well with current coupons since they don’t send sales circulars out our way.

At Fred Meyer I used the store coupon from the Sunday paper (I get two Sunday papers) for Starkist Tuna and Bounty Paper Towels. I also had a P&G coupon for $1.00 off of Bounty Paper Towels which I stacked with the store coupon.

I went through the line twice.

Purchase #1:
$3.00 – 9 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna Store Q: 3 / $1.00 – limit of 9
$0.05 – refund for supplying my own shopping bag
$2.95 – total

Purchase #2:
$3.00 – 9 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna Store Q: 3 / $1.00 – limit of 9
$4.99 – Bounty Paper Towels 8-pk Store Q: $2.00 off, MQ: $1.00 off
$0.05 – refund for supplying my own shopping bag
$7.94 – total

Recap Fred Meyer Purchase:
18 cans Chicken of the Sea tuna, 8 rolls Bounty Paper Towels: $10.89 (+ tax on the paper towels)

WinCo has only a limited coupon selection at their site. Since the coupons they offer are manufacturer coupons I’m not able to stack them for higher savings. However, WinCo has decent in-store sales and everyday pricing so it’s usually a good place to invest coupons.

$7.16 – paid: $3.16 – Folgers Coffee 11.5 oz. – 2 units
$2.46 – paid: $1.96 – Rosarita Refried Beans – 3 units
$3.96 – paid: $0.00 – Heinz Ketchup – 2 units
$3.96 – paid: $1.96 – Pepperidge Farms Milano Melts – 2 units
$1.65 – paid: $0.65 – Kettle Chips (Buffalo Bleu – yum!) – 1 unit

$19.19 – Total before coupons
$ 7.27 – Cost after coupons
Savings: $11.92 – 62%

Coupon breakout:
- $0.42 – refund for supplying my own shopping bags (7x$0.05)
- $4.00 – Folgers Coffee 2-$2.00 off coupons from Folgers Wakin’ Up Club Newsletter
- $0.50 – Rosarita Refried Beans MQ, Sunday paper insert – March, I think
- $4.00 – Heinz Ketchup 2-$2.00 off coupons from FaceBook
- $2.00 – Pepperidge Farms Milano Melts 2-$1.00 coupons from
- $1.00 – Kettle Chips $1.00 off coupon MQ, Sunday paper insert – March, I think
$11.92 – Coupons / bag refund

With summer b-b-q and convenience in mind, I also picked up 2 dozen cans of Van Camps Pork and Beans for $0.50 each. They’re a great foundation for quick baked beans.

Speaking of summer, some of that tuna will make its way into macaroni shells with chopped gherkins, celery, onions, black olives, basil and some mayo for a nice cold side dish this summer, too.

BTW, I noted that the price of pork is increased again this month. If you have the means to freeze or can meat and can budget 10 or more pounds a month it might be a good idea. The price of pork is usually a little better in the fall but I’m not counting on it this year. Beef prices are increasing but not as quickly as pork in our area.

Anyway, those are my savings between Fred Meyer and WinCo this week.  I hope you’re inspired to maximize your family budget where you can and please, let us know where you’re finding great deals, too!

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